Record your tracks with simplicity and precision. Unlike with many other apps, elevation (altitude) is obtained from geographic surveys and is very precise. GPS altitude is still shown but not recorded. This ability to properly account for elevation changes (up and down) can be useful for hikers, runners/joggers, skiers, bikers.

Another interesting feature especially for runners is the possibility to set a time or distance limit with a progress bar and an audible notification when done. Say you intend to run 5 km as fast as you can, or you want to run for 30 minutes: just set that as your limit and Keep Tracks lets you know when you are done.

SCREENSHOTS (click for full image)


screen5 screen6 screen7 screen8


✔ Live tracking includes precise elevations, elevation variations going up and down, distance, duration and speed.
✔ Live tracking on maps.
✔ Split times.
✔ Put time or distance limits on your tracks. Hear and see a notification when a track reaches its time or distance limit.
✔ Duration based chart detailing distance and elevation variations.
✔ Export your tracks as GPX and KML files; send them by email or store them on external storage.
✔ Exported GPX and KML files are fully compatible to be loaded in Google Earth to replay travels.
✔ Stop/start your tracks. Such tracks are segmented based on location when stopped and started back.
✔ Unlimited simultaneous tracking.
✔ Store unlimited tracks.
✔ Use metric or imperial units.


Internet access is necessary to obtain elevation data. This however does not stop you from using the app out of range. You will still have other pieces of information while out of cell range, and once you have EDGE/3G/4G/wifi again, missing elevation data is obtained.

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